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Hello there! My name is Richelle Villabona. I am a sophomore at Southern Connecticut State University, and I am majoring in Early Childhood Education, as well as Interdisciplinary. My second major consists of a Psychology minor and the other is self-designed, and let's just say it is "interpreting cultures with a focus in Spanish, while teaching". (A mouthful. I know)

I'm merely a body filled to the brim with love, just looking for the people and things that make me feel alive. And with every moment, I am thankful.

Richelle Villabona

Video Diary Series

1 min read

For learning events 4, 5, and 8, I thought the best way to share my story is by talking to you one on one.  I have created a video diary series that shares with you about where I come from, what I have done, and hopefully, be doing in the future.  I hope that you enjoy them!

"How I Got To Who I Am"

"Turning Points" 

"Come What May"