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Richelle Villabona

Realistic Fiction

2 min read

Cynthia A. Tyson does not feel that fairytales should be taught throughout the curriculum.  She uses contemporary realistic fiction to get her points and the thematic points across to her students in a way that they would better understand.  Tyson says that students would be more engaged in a text that related to them.  Though, I do not believe that fairytales should be taken out of the curriculum entirely.  Fairytales at a more relevant age would benefit from the characters and the morals that are presented.  As students grow older, more and more contemporary books should be put in place to keep all students aware of different environments around them.

Some areas in the books reflect the reality in the United States, but areas such as poverty are misrepresented.  People are not willing to see this portion of the world.  Many things get shoved under the rug, and there it will stay.  Some people know that there is poverty in the states, but do not actually know.  But how could they?  This is why as educators we can better our students to understand socio-economical differences and how we can grow from there instead up waving it away.