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Richelle Villabona

Phonics! Super Sounds and Letters!

1 min read

Growing up, phonics was a big deal.  We had phonics workbooks and I remember the first one being this tangerine orange.  I particularly enjoyed phonics the best before I met my art class, but that is another story.  I enjoyed sounding out vowels and consonants to get to the end of the word.  Phonics helped my 2nd grade spelling bee winning title.  I had a love/hate relationship with short and long vowel sounds.  Why do you look so deceiving?  The thought of the sound of my own name changing if I emitted one lousy letter was pretty neat (Richelle, Richell).  Honestly, I am not making this up.  Tiny human me thought vowels were pretty super because they controlled the way the word would sound.  I’d write the word and then cover up a vowel or consonant and see the word lose its aura.  Then, I’d uncover the word, and the aura would comeback.

Stay super, phonics!