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Richelle Villabona

Like Poetry Like Waves

2 min read

Poetry has a fluidity to it that allows students to express themselves in their own voices that is different from narratives.  Poetry is read in their own voice but has the power to resonate with someone else.  Students have the ability to interpret a poem in any way that they chose.  They can manipulate pauses and flows of the poems to add emphasis to where it is needed in anyway they choose.  I enjoyed the portion where students would walk into class and immediately immerse themselves into free write.  I believe in free write and how it is essential to get the brain flowing and energy swifting.  Free write can allow student to really get into the flow of their thoughts and plopping them down on paper.  I believe that free write should happen more often throughout the day to build an arsenal of stories filled with emotion.  Poetry builds imagination by its creator through the flow of their thoughts.  Think of a wave, gently saying hello to the shore and quickly saying its goodbye.  Focus on the movement, the repetition, the possible motive behind it.  Someone could use poetry like a wave crashing onto shore building and creating momentum to create something that is their own.