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Richelle Villabona

Dear Diary (Biography)

1 min read

Dear Diary,


It is time.  Time.  How I have missed it so…

I don’t know if I am ready.  Before I left, there were tears, and I know there will be more when I return.  And this time for a different reason.  There are so many things that I left behind.  Mom’s cooking was my favorite.  She always made this cured meat that I would wait day by day, hour by hour waiting for.  I miss the sour aroma and tangy taste that all these red and black spices created, to which I still don’t know the names of. 

My biggest desire that I lusted for over and over, running through my mind…. A warm bath.  A Bath.  I’ve missed the bubbles and soap.  The calmness of the water and the fog of the windows.

Soon.  I’ll be home soon.



Your Tired Self